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Greyhound Gala Fun

We attended the 13th Annual GPA-Wisconsin Gala Greyhound Gathering today. It’s both a fundraiser for GPA and reunion for greyhound adoptees. It was incredibly fun (though tiring, as the sacked dogs beside me will testify).

I took this video of the group roo event. My husband Peter introduced the hounds, and our greyhound Quin (who got a bit of stage fright, I think) and our GPA friend Shawn’s little girl PeeWee (the very vocal diva) started the roo. If you’re interested, watch and see several dozen greyhounds singing their hearts out. It’s kind of like the Twilight Bark in 101 Dalmatians…except without the dalmatians and without the twilight.


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Happy Birthday, Speedbump!

It’s Quin’s birthday, and I made a little video montage to celebrate. I can’t seem to embed it here, so a link will have to do.Quin

And yes, I know how impossibly goofy making a video for a dog’s birthday is. Thanks for noticing.

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The Foiled Snausage Heist

Ella...bustedGreyhound owners are all too familiar with a little something we call “counter surfing.” This act of thievery occurs when a tall greyhound sees something edible on a kitchen table or counter and desire, not to mention a bottomless pit of a stomach, overcomes reason and training.

Last night I was preparing a quick meal of kielbasa and pasta salad. I plopped the kielbasa, still steaming, on the table and went to get the rest of the meal set out. When I turned back to the table, there was my precious little greyhound girl with her mouth poised over the sausage.

I barked a warning, “Elll-aaah…” and she stopped dead, mouth open but not touching her intended prey. She was completely frozen in mid-snatch.

Trying not to laugh, I said, “Just what do you think you’re doing, young lady?”

Body still frozen, her eyes turned toward me and I could almost hear her thinking, Aw, crap. BUS-ted!

No snausage for you, Ella girl.

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